Singer-Writer Inspired by the Mediterranean
Canada Day Peforming on Parliament Hill Canada Day
The N.A.C. Alice and her ensemble performing at 4th Stage
Midem Alice at the world-famous MIDEM Industry event!
  • Vocalist


    The Voice

    Her soprano voice is ‘magical’, pure, yet passionate. One Youtube fan says it most simply: What a voice! (Mile Vuletic, on Alice singing A Day in the Life of a Fool) “Mesmerizing, sensual, yet classic in a very clear and meaningful way…” remarks another fan on the same site. “Impeccable phrasing and delivery… good as it gets..” writes another.


    The Artistry

    Says Alice: “I sing to communicate with people in the most direct way I know how. It gives me the greatest joy to bring pleasure to others with my voice. For the voice is the expression of the human spirit in one of the purest forms possible – direct from one heart and soul to another.

  • Lyricist


    The Lyrics

    “Writing lyrics is like breathing for me. I hear a note or a bar and I also hear the words emanating from the music: songs from the human spirit, be they about romantic love, love of country, or of reaching out for universal peace. Writing lyrics is part of the process of voice.”


    Lyrics & Music together

    “I often compose music and lyrics simultaneously as it is hard for me to hear one without the other, as was the case, for example, in my song simply titled “Canada”, a song deeply-felt about my roots in this awesome land of ours, and which I have had the pleasure to perform live on Mainstage Parliament Hill on Canada Day and on CBC Radio.”

  • Poet


    The Poetry

    “I have been writing poetry since I was nine years old. About anything and everything. For me, it is the most perfect form of the highest emotional ‘thought’ possible – or, in the words of Romantic iconic poet, William Wordsworth, ‘Poetry is emotion recollected in tranquillity’ “


    Poetry & Music together

    “As all poetry was originally meant to be sung, it was a natural progression for me to go from publishing my poetry in periodicals and books (see “Babylon and Other Dreams”) to putting it to music and performing/‘publishing’ it on my albums, every one of which to date has both songs (in the traditional sense) and spoken word (poems) pieces with original music.”

  • Artist


    The Art

    “I paint mostly wild gardens, people/faces I find interesting, occasionally streetscapes, landscapes, seascapes - on large canvases in acrylic. Colour is the heart of all that I paint. I sell most of my work and keep only a few signature pieces.

    Another Art Form?

    “In a radio interview on Q101 Radio Anthos some years ago, the show host asked me how I managed to perform in so many art forms - to sing and write and paint - and if it was ‘difficult’ to do all three - and I answered that they are all expressions of art which comes from the same place - from a passion for beauty and form.
  • Teacher



    I began teaching at age twenty-two as it seemed like, at the time, an obvious choice for a number of reasons. The reasons came and went and were replaced with the simple passion to share what I know about the English language, its hauntying history and evocative beauty.



    Well, I was never a ‘teacher’ in the traditional sense. I was an artist motivating students to be excited about life and language every single day they came into my classroom. I have left the formal classroom, but am still and always shall be an educator in new and challenging ways.

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This Site

Our New Server is now hosting our site, so expect to see a big speed increase when surfing Alice Groves Live from now on. We’re still working out a few kinks here and there, but it won’t take too long before all is perfect again on here. Enjoy!

Next Show

Alice is currently taking a break from performing while she plans out her next book. However, she’s getting the itch to sing again, so expect a show sometime in late 2014 or early 2015. Stay tuned!

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